The best home office pods deal you can have is now as it is in high demand. The pandemic has proven everyone that the rooms, added features of the house or even something in the yard that were labelled as unnecessary or something to think about are now one of the most important things to get even after the pandemic is over. Office pods or also known as backyard pods are the most sought after addition in the house as everyone is now starting to work from home and companies are now even implementing work-from-home schedules even after this pandemic is over. You would probably argue that a spare room can be turned into a home office but trust us they are two opposite ends. You still might be undecided whether to invest in one so we came up with this reasons for you to think about, if these questions fit you accurately this is a sign you need to have one of the best home office pods Hopmod has to offer.



Some would advertise that they have the best home office pods for sale because of whatever reasons but Hopmod can guarantee you these features:


Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that office pods block out noise. They also stop noise coming in too, especially acoustic office pods which aim to block noise by up to 100%.


Neurodiversity has been an ever-present factor in offices, but it’s only recently workplaces are catering for employees with different neurological needs. Many people with neurological differences need quiet places to focus. Conditions like dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and autism often causes extreme anxiety in large open spaces.


If your organisation relies on remote conference calling for product demos, client meetings and catch ups, then office pods are the perfect solution. Open offices can be noisy places and if you find calls are interrupted by noise from elsewhere in the office then it’s time to think about office pods. Equally, noise from conference calls can be disruptive to neighbouring colleagues too. Acoustic office pods are designed with calls in mind with many resembling phone booths.


Neurodivergent or not, it’s well known that open plan offices make employees less productiveincrease sickness and stress. But open plan offices are extremely cost-effective, making them a popular choice. If you already have an open plan office, office pods can help create focus zones very quickly and cost-effectively, compared with redesigning an entire office


Meeting rooms are a scarce commodity in any office. Having somewhere private to meet for 121s, catch-ups and small meetings of 4 or less people, means that meeting rooms are freed-up for larger meetings and external meetings. Larger office pods like train carriage style office pods not only block out noise and distractions, but they often have seating for more than 3 people.

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You might think than having a room converted is the perfect way to go, you need to consider if it is in the best location. It might be beside your kids’ bedroom that plays games with music on maximum volume, or maybe it’s near the kitchen where everything is noisy and everyone is busy. If you are struggling with the current location you’re on, this is the best time and sign for you to invest or build a home office pod.


Are you struggling with privacy? Are you always on client meeting? Does your work involve confidential information? If it does, then you might consider building a home office pod. This will provide you the utmost privacy that you want. Being able to do work without worrying if your wife, husband or children might come inside is the best feeling in the world if your work needs privacy. Custom office pods have been the number one provider of privacy when working from home.


Having to work from home has been difficult from the start especially if your work includes client meetings, not only virtually but personally. With the pandemic almost over, face to face interactions is almost possible. These types of meeting needs to be done in a professional space, thus investing in a home office pod or much better, a prefab office pod is the best option. It provides you the most professional space to hole a client meeting within the comfort of your own home. If you ever find yourself in need of this, it’s probably a sign for you to get one.


A screaming child or barking dog is the worst situation for you to be in when you’re in the middle of an important meeting or class. Even though you have built in sound proof walls and thought about what room to use, there still seems to be noises from the outside that keeps distracting you from working. If this is your current situation then this is a sign for you to build a home office pod, or much better, a backyard pods. This will not only provide you with the best privacy, this will keep you from all the noise and distractions inside the house.


You might have some equipment or instruments necessary for work and just won’t fit in your home office anymore, then this is a sign for you to build a home office pod. A customize office pod, with your style and input along with the technicality and knowledge of making pods from a trusted company like HOMPOD, an office space for you enough to cater all the instruments and equipment is the best option for you. A space where you can work freely, without any distractions and the entire necessary thing inside is the ideal space for a person who is the music industry and many more.

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Hopmod offers cheap home office pod but are regarded as the best home office pod makers in the country. The benefits are more than just physical and productivity when you build a home office pod but you will eventually see more than what we can offer. The best home office pod can also provide you more time with your family, an added attraction and value of the house or just a healthy mental and emotional state even if you are stress from work but an office pod is an office from home so it does not feel so heavy unlike working in the company office. So what are you waiting for, contact us and well arrange the best home office pod we will build for you.