What is the better option? Custom office pods or Coworking spaces?

The working space is an important space not only for us but also for everyone around us. A good and better working space next to a distracting and unproductive working space can be and will be affected and soon be a negative working space. Those people who works on a fast-paced environment, the working space should be the best. Not a whiff of distraction and negativity should be sensed as this will affect the productivity. Although some people prefer company to work well, and some prefer to work alone to avoid any unnecessary distractions. But what does work well? Keep reading and we will tell you what the better option is.



1. Privacy

If your work involves private conversations or information, custom office pods offer the best space for privacy. A space where only you are allowed inside or be able to fit (some are designed for multiple seaters) is the best for workers where people always have someone coming in and out or walking past by.

2. Noise free

Custom office pods are designed to prevent noise from coming in and out. If you are easily distracted by noise or if your work needs proper silence, then this is the best option for you. Office pods are not only limited in the workspace, but they are also more popular as home office pods. Especially now, due to the pandemic, almost everyone is working from home, and this pose some problems. From kids screaming, running around, playing, dogs barking, outside noise from the neighbors or the garbage during Tuesday, this can all be prevented by an office pod.

3. Good for productivity

Since it provides privacy and silence, that would mean you can work efficiently and productively. Everyone is new to this work-from-home set-up which means its hard to adjust at first which would affect the productivity of your work, custom office pods help you overcome that and keeps you focused during working hours.

4. Lifelong investment

With more than a year since the pandemic started, companies have now acknowledged that some employees work better at the comfort of their home, and it would not a shock if this would be the new set up for jobs all over the world. Say this happened, this investment would not only be beneficial right now but for so long. This can also be used for other purposes aside from work like recording videos for school project or music.

5. Less stress

Office pod Australia are so popular because there is added pressure when working from home. This will increase your stress levels and no one wants to stress over work. Office pods are designed to help with stress as well which they are very popular all over the country.



1. Flexibility

They are more flexible than traditional offices. They are even more similar to coworking venues. Companies can drastically change within a matter of months. Employee population may increase or decrease, internal methods may vary, and even the business model can pivot. These changes in work procedures and agents translate to changes in the workplace, so companies who want to anticipate change should consider serviced offices and coworking venues.

2. Convenience

It comes with enough equipment for employees to start working, so companies can start doing project even from day one. There is less need to buy equipment or adjust the workspace, which translates to more useful work and higher productivity. When you have co working spaces, you have access to both public and private rooms. For confidential matters, they can use their rooms instead of having to reserve public meeting rooms. It also supply utilities such as water and electricity. You only need to worry about one full amount instead of wasting time and energy tracing multiple bills.

3. Compartmentalization

Coworking spaces allow better control. For instance, a company might delegate specific sections of the workspace to different departments. These sections are typically placed in various offices, physically isolated from the rest of the company by walls and doors. Compartmentalization can also occur at lower levels, such as by projects or teams.


Depending on what industry you are working in and the working habits you like the two are both good options. The ultimate advantage of custom office pods is that some are designed to become a big conference room when they are placed together and can be reverted into modular office pods after. Co working spaces are separated by rooms or walls, it does not have the same ability as office pods.

If you like to work alone, custom office pods are the best fit for you, if you work well in a group environment then co working spaces are the best option for you. But which option is better? Working alone is better when work requires full concentration and focus which is can also be done by groups but not efficiently.


Hopmod has been providing Australians the best home office pod for years. Before even the pandemic started, custom office pods are highly essential for people who likes to work alone and in a silent environment. We offer different styles, shape, special features, colors and everything in between. The customers are the main focus on every project, we work closely with them from planning, building until the final result to make sure that everything they need and want are included and still provide the best service during and after the project.