Would you believe that an office pod at home can be the workplace of the future? Well here’s why.

The pandemic brought so many restraints to our conventional lifestyle, not only that, life, in general, became so much harder. Things happened in an instant and the next we knew is that a global pandemic is happening and in response, we had to change our lives instantly. The impacts brought by the Covid-19 had come to an unbearable extent — some countries are in minor lockdown while others have implemented a complete lockdown, and as a result, individuals have lost their employment.

However, because of technological advancements in the twenty-first century, the worker now has the option of working from home. Working from home has put a significant contribution to financial stability, and there is now an abundance of work-from-home jobs. The problem is, working from home is never easy because there are a lot of obstacles that are needed to overcome.

Without a doubt, the environment plays a huge role in the efficiency of an employee. But for some cases, staying focused could be a huge obstacle especially if you stay in a place with a lot of noise distractions such as animal and vehicle noises, not to mention the people surrounding you who may sometimes forget or not realize you’re working from home.

Worry no more! Having an office pod at home as your workplace is the solution not just today, but also for the future years to come.

The Pros of Home Office Pods

Low Cost

A home office pod or booth allows you to establish a self-contained work area within a larger workplace for a fraction of the cost and effort. HopMod has a cheap home office pod available, whether you need a backyard office pod, a home office pod, or a prefab office pod. Modular office pods are economical for a reason: you won’t need to spend money on repairs or extensions to get more space.

Establish Quiet Work Zones

Another concern that has arisen from the conventional open-plan offices is excessive noise. If you work best in a peaceful atmosphere but your next-door neighbor enjoys chit-chat or work so loud, your productivity may suffer as a result. The most obvious application of an office pod at home is to provide a comfortable and flexible workspace. Many soundproof office pods and privacy office pods now use acoustic materials to help block out unwanted background noise. HopMod features a variety of office pods that can dampen sound and block out even the loudest distraction or neighbor at work.


Reduces Stress Level

Employees, particularly introverts, have been reported to experience increased stress levels when working in an open-plan office. Employee job satisfaction and experience can be improved by designing a work environment in response to common workplace problems. Lowered stress and anxiety levels are promoted by higher levels of motivation and workplace positivism. The indoor office pod is a convenient getaway where you can work in peace and solitude for as long as you need.


Improves and Productivity

Working in an open-plan office is not only stressful, but it can also affect focus and productivity significantly. It’s especially vital for high-performing individuals to have a distraction-free environment. According to research, regaining focus after an interruption can take up to 25 minutes, so even a workplace with a moderate quantity of distractions might have a negative impact on total productivity. A quiet office pod at home offers a cost-effective and adaptable answer to this problem.


Ideal for Neurodivergent Employees

Employees with developmental difficulties such as autism, ADHD, and social anxiety disorders are considered neurodiverse. Nowadays, there’s a growing recognition that these people aren’t disabled in the traditional sense, but rather differently abled. This personnel requires quiet areas in which to concentrate, which is why office pods are the ideal cost-effective solution for accommodating neurodiversity.


More Privacy

Home office pods satisfy the need for workplace privacy because of their enclosed design and construction. Office pods at home give physical solitude from all potential interruptions that could jeopardize your work or progress. Having a quiet environment is not only beneficial for work, but it also allows people to get the inner tranquility they require. In a nutshell, workspace privacy matters and it cannot be overstated.


The Cons of Home Office Pods


Less Motivated

Individual work necessitates a high level of psychological self-discipline as well as knowledge, and if you’re not careful, it’s easy to fall into periods of low output. Without the energy provided by a bustling and exciting workplace, it can be difficult to motivate oneself, and many people find it difficult to motivate themselves without supervision or peer pressure from coworkers. Furthermore, there is a dearth of active encouragement from others in your immediate vicinity.


Time Management

Prioritizing and managing one’s work schedule is a difficult discipline to master. There are several demands and conflicts, both at work and in one’s personal life. When working from home, the lines between work and non-work can become very blurry. It’s all too easy to allow non-work responsibilities, such as childcare or housework, to get in the way of your work. Furthermore, it is simple to become exhausted from labor and lose sight of progress. On the other hand, one can find themselves always in work mode, neglecting to take breaks and result in overwork.



Humans are, by nature, a sociable species, and some people’s mental well-being is dependent on their ability to work as part of a group. Working from home in your office pod corresponds to a sense of isolation and working alone might contribute to this for certain people. As a result, some people find it more difficult to relieve stress, and there is no laughter among coworkers, no mutual emotional support, and no socially interactive enjoyment.


Fewer Opportunities to Network with Coworkers

Everyone has their own set of strengths and limitations when it comes to skills. When you work alone, your flaws are more apparent, and you are more likely to fail. When people work together in a group, their abilities can be shared, and everyone can contribute their best.


Ready to have your own office pod at home?

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