Fantasizing about creating your own safe space? Or just thinking of ways to make use of that extra lawn area? Then you might not want to miss on the revolutionary backyard pods that await you.

Whether for a man cave, fitness area, workspace, reading nook, or a secret stash — basically anything under the sun — you can have it all with your backyard pod custom-made just right for you liking. This livable extension from the main house isn’t just any other pod. Given the liberty to make use of it however you want, you could create your own solitary zone and embrace individuality outside the hustle and bustle of family life. After all, who said self-love wasn’t a thing within these pods?

But wait, it gets better from here.

Because of its approach to using foundation piers, flooring, and framing systems, backyard pods don’t require concrete slabs to construct on and have superior structural stability. Therefore, it’s easy to set-up and is a more feasible option in creating more space without having to through the hassle and expense of renovating and constructing. You could also go for prefabricated office pods and assemble it yourself!

Still can’t get enough of these backyard pods? Wait ‘til you hear about the different hobbies and activities you could do in the comfort of your backyards with the installation of these modular homes. For starters, here are some exciting ideas you might want to try out for yourself.


Glam Camp

It’s a shame that the pandemic has restricted trekking and outdoor camping movements through repetitive lockdowns. But who said we can’t go glamping instead? With installed backyard pods, you are just a few hops away from that outdoor escape through your own sort of self-catered accommodation’s luxury and convenience. And the best things about it?  You can customize and even DIY your setup to match that cottage core aesthetic you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest without squandering your savings.  No packing needed, comfortable and accessible! Everyday could a be a glam camp day indeed.


Music Studio

I mean, who doesn’t love music? Whether you’re a musician, an audiophile, an aspiring songwriter, or just an avid fan or enthusiast of music in general, this is your sign to create your own music studio. It doesn’t have to be high-defined and equipped with complete instruments. You can simply begin out of fun and utilize home items, and perhaps eventually upgrade to your liking. Having that solace of creating and listening to music without the nuisance of the bustling world and without becoming that ‘loud annoying neighbor’ is definitely one for the bucket list. You could also jam into some music with friends and family, providing you an ideal place to be one with the rhythm.


Reading Nook

Indulging into a good book and feeling the serenity of a calm and stress-free environment is definitely a cloud nine moment. So why not create your own reading nook in the comfort of your backyard pods? Having a comfortable reading space can do wonders for you and your family, and could help transpire your imaginations to its fullest glory. This will also encourage independent reading among youngsters and will enable them to indulge in an environment that piques creativity and perhaps even lessen their screen time. You can never go wrong with a good book and a relaxing ambiance (and some cookies and fresh milk on the side too!).


backyard pods

Fitness Area

What better way to get that glow up this pandemic than by getting on track with your fitness goal? I mean, who doesn’t even want that snatched waist, bubble butt and 11-line abs all flaunted? But then exercising doesn’t just have to be all for the gram, it could also be your expression of self-love and a way of making the most out of quarantine to stay fit and thick. It’s basically a lot of things in one, and is definitely a win-win scenario on either ends. And starting one shouldn’t be so much of a hassle considering the abundance of exercise routines and home yoga classes online. Give your YouTube recommendation a scroll, and you’re good to go.


Movie Theatre

Creating a makeshift movie theatre out of your backyard pods is definitely one for the books and is a clever idea to mix in some summer fun. We know for a fact that you can definitely never go wrong with Netflix and chill any time of the day. Just lay out some white plain sheet and add some little imagination, and you’ll have your own sort of theatre in no time. Of course, don’t forget to throw in some good beer and chips to make your home theatre experience more rewarding after a hectic week of work and school. After all, we deserve this type of break every now and then!


Boards and Drinks Type of Nights

Put out those deck of cards and boards games, and let’s spice up the fun inside your own backyard pods! With a touch of liquor and the right companions, you’ll never run out of good laughs and catch-up teas with the homies. Setting that stash specifically for these kind of nights would definitely make the experience more elite, and you wouldn’t even have to miss the thrill of a night out and bar hopping because you have it all sitting in your backyard space!


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Not only adults need their personal space, even children do!  Playhouses are not only ideal retreats to stash toys and books and play pretend, but they are also places where your child’s creativity may run wild and their inventiveness can thrive. This will provoke independence and emotional maturity to children for having autonomy on their own designated space where they could be anything they envision themselves to be. This approach of accessing the world through their senses will boost cognitive development and help your children engage with their environment. This time for creativity and creation is crucial to their development as people.


Interesting, isn’t it? Lucky for you, here in HopMod, we love making your ideals and visions about backyard pods into a reality. Leave us a message and let’s get things working!