If we were to think about it, the surge of the pandemic forcefully tucked our entire life within the four walls of our homes. School? Work? Get-togethers? It’s all on screen! Who would have thought we’d literally take everything in the comfort of our homes and re-create a virtual version of our lifestyles?.

But then, how then do we revolutionize our work spaces into our home areas?

If you haven’t heard of Home Office Pods, then you might just be missing out on something great. Now is the right time to build a home office pod.

Having the flexibility to work from home has its perks, but it may be tricky when there is an absence of separation of space within your home. In some instances, it may be difficult to generate a designated workstation for employment within your area. As your workday progresses, interruptions may tend to creep in, and retaining the enthusiasm to be productive may prove challenging to accomplish especially when you manage a home with youngsters who love to goof around, or have pets who just seem to have so much stamina to make noises especially when you’re on your conferences.

Or perhaps, you have some cheerful neighbors who just love having the time of their lives vibing into some loud rock music. Literally, on a daily basis, everything and anything could get you off track. As a result, your work-life balance may falter, and it may be hard to ascertain what constitutes efficient enterprise.

If you’re planning to build a home office pod you can transition to working from home with greater peace of mind. Building a home office pod helps create an ideal office environment even in your own residential space. You can avoid the unnecessary burden of rearranging your home to accommodate your working demands, entirely by creating a discrete workspace for yourself.

Intrigued? Yet don’t know how to start? Let’s gear you up from the basics with these handy tips to build a home office pod of your dreams!

Designate a Location

In order to achieve that best home office pod away from the hustle and bustle of everyday family life, determine an unoccupied area where you are most likely to be able to concentrate and stimulate productivity. This does not have to be a full room, but it must be spacious and pleasant enough for you to work comfortably.

Consider also converting a garden shed or patio space into a work place for your family. Outdoor workstations and backyard office pods are highly effective because they provide a sense of autonomy from one’s home life and the chances of external interferences are less likely to get you off focus. Furthermore, being closer to nature and having a green panorama may also excite you in your creative pursuits and boost your enthusiasm to work.


Consider Natural Daylight

In designating a location in building a home office pod, you should also be aware of how natural daylight strikes a certain area. It is vital to have a well-lit room in order to feel up and ready for the day. A brightly-illuminated environment can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing productivity because a poor-lit workspace might leave you feeling fatigued and unmotivated because it stimulates a cozy atmosphere.

Make every effort to ensure that your workspace receives lots of natural light. Make use of as many mirrors as possible to reflect whatever natural light that does come into the room. Consider moving your desk away from a wall instead placing it near a window – this will provide some relaxation from staring at a computer screen for the entirety of the day.


Meet your Budget

In every home alteration and setting up of new spaces, an allotted budget always comes into play in making your project into reality. In home office pods Australia, custom office pods that are tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle are available in a wide selection of materials. And here in HOPMOD Sydney, we provide a wide variety of prefab office pods in a variety of sizes, designs, and layouts to accommodate any budget. You could always opt for cheap home office pods that serve the same efficient purpose. Precast concrete modular homes are the quickest, easiest, and the most cost-effective solution to your space problems.


Identify Storage Solutions

Once you determine your budget plan, you can then begin shopping for items to match your envisioned space. Beyond the desired color palette and aesthetic preference, practicality and usefulness are of the utmost importance when designing an office and choosing suitable furniture and other work items. This is to enable an optimal functionality within your home office pod and not to deplete the intent of creating a work environment.

A desk with multiple drawers or a tall shelving unit will maximize the amount of useful space you have if you require a lot of storage space. Floating shelves that are hung from the ceiling will also help to keep equipments off your desk and provide you more area to work.


Identify Your Style

Given the liberty at hand to build a home office pod to your liking, might as well personalize it in a way that matches your ideals and one that ignites your will to be efficient and productive.  This provides you with the opportunity to create a space that is specifically designed to engage you. You would also want to build a home office pod that recreates an aesthetic you have in mind. Whether heavily-decorated or minimal, you have all the liberty to design the interior as a reflection of your personality. Take advantage of bright colors or your preference on a more tranquil and plainer environment, and make it a reality.

Build a Home Office Pod of your Dreams With Us

Here in HOPMOD, we share the same intensity of your aspiration to build a home office pod and create your own safe space. We are dedicated to bringing Australians beautiful architect-inspired backyard best home office pod: whether that be a Studio, Home Office, Granny Pods for backyard or a Teenager’s Retreat. Try us out today!