It’s important to take care of our parents when they’re in their golden years. Nursing homes can often be expensive, and overwhelming. If you’re having trouble sending them to a nursing home, then granny pods might be your best option.  In this article, we’ll talk about backyard pods for the elderly. You’ll discover what they are, their importance and if you should get one for your parents. Let’s begin.


What are backyard pods for the elderly?

Typically, granny pods are tiny houses built on the property of individuals who care for the occupant. A senior can enjoy some privacy in their own living space while the proximity of their caregiver allows them to monitor their loved one’s health and safety.

They vary in cost but the range is between $40,000 to $125,000. This depends on what features are included in the granny pod. Often, these backyard pods for the elderly are 400 to 400 square feet. But, there’s no limit as to the size you may want. They’re usually the size of a studio apartment, but can be made bigger to fit both parents. Often, granny pods share lines with the main house, like sewer, water and power. 

Retirees with limited budgets will also find it appealing.

Often, granny pods contain various features depending on their overall design. Here are some of these features:

  • Bedroom
  • A bathroom or ADA walk-in shower
  • Small Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Grab bars and railings
  • Lighted Floorboards so they can walk safely at night
  • Cushioned floors
  • Wider hallways
  • Ramps for wheelchairs
  • Wider doorways
  • Safer showers

Why are backyard pods for the elderly important?

  • Features fit for the elderly
    • You can customize your granny pods fit to your specific needs. You can choose whatever aesthetic is fit for your liking. But most importantly, it’s a fit for the specific needs of the elderly. For example, if the elderly have a bit of difficulty walking then adding handrails might be the perfect solution. Walk-in baths can help them take a bath with ease. Lighted floorboards make sure they don’t trip even when it’s nighttime, and so much more. A wheelchair is easily accessible, and ramps are provided. The floors are cushioned. These are perfect features for making our loved ones live comfortably.
  • Close proximity to loved-ones
    • Maintain care for your elderly family members. Care for them and ensure their safety. Maintain close bonds and relationships while living nearby. It’s perfect for elderly parents who are tired of being far from family. 
  • Privacy for elderly family members
    • If as an elderly family member, they don’t want to give up their independence, living under the same roof might not be ideal. However, granny pods are made so that they could enjoy their privacy and independence, while living in close proximity. 
  • Medical equipment is easily accessible
    • Granny pods are equipped with a range of medical devices as an added convenience. Family members with elderly loved ones will benefit from health-related components, including first aid kits, medication dispensers, and defibrillators. You can also install webcams and two-way communication systems. That means you can ensure you’re there right away when they’re in need. 
  • Can increase home’s property value
    • Increased property value can be achieved by installing a granny pod. Investing in it could significantly return a high return on your initial investment. Potential buyers may find it appealing.  Seeing so many benefits, they’ll have a hard time resisting.
  • Less expensive than nursing homes
    • While being less expensive than nursing homes, granny pods can be homier as well. They have a small kitchen area, a customized bed, a place for board games, walls with family photos and so much more.
  • Easier access to the outdoor
    • When the weather is nice, a small porch in the front of the granny pod enables the pod’s occupants to unwind and admire the surroundings. It is possible to share an extended porch or patio with the main house, depending on its location. It’s a great way to gain access to the greeneries while being close to the amenities of the home. And if you want more privacy while on the porch, you can even integrate a beautiful trellis.
  • You can have granny pods prefab
    • It is possible to build granny pods on-site or off-site and place them wherever is required. Durability and dependability make prefabricated pods a green alternative to traditional building methods. Often, maintenance costs are reduced and additional materials are not required for replacements.
  • You can use it whenever  and wherever
    • It’s very mobile, and depending on your decision, it can be temporary as well. You can have the granny pod as long as you need it. And you can remove it when you no longer require it. 
  • Access to pets
    • Some retirement homes do not allow pets. So, if you feel like pets add quality and happiness to you and your elderly loved one’s home, then a granny pod is perfect for you. 

Should you get backyard pods for your parents?

There are many reasons why you should build backyard pods for your elderly family members. Backyard pods are perfect for you and your elderly family member if you want to be closer to your aging family members. It’s a very versatile and highly customizable option as well. You can add medical features and comfort features like ramps and handrails. It helps ensure safety and care to our aging loved ones. And it can help save you money in the long term. If these are benefits that are appealing to you, then backyard pods are perfect for you. 

Ready to backyard pods for the elderly?

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