When we want to invest into something that requires a certain amount of money, like home office pods, we always check the material that it is being made of or being used to make sure we get our moneys-worth for the product. Sometimes, we look into what materials are being used to make sure if it fits with your own liking but there are some company who you can work the specifics with to meet your own liking.

This pandemic has propelled a lot of innovations like home office pods which are popular and is somehow the new normal thing to do because everyone is working from home. Working from the comfort of your home provides numerous benefits for you and your family, but along with this comes with many distractions. If you are a parent with kids who likes to play and run around or a pet who likes to get pet, being able to focus on the job is quite hard.

The number one option for someone who works from home is to convert a room into a home office, although this may seem possible but the time, money and effort you put in is double the amount rather than buying a home office pod.



The main benefits of having home office pods are:

  • Better privacy
  • Lower stress levels
  • Boost in concentration
  • Supports confidentiality
  • Less noise

There are a lot benefits when you invest in one. You might wonder if how it is going to fit inside your house but there is what we call backyard office pods or backyard pods which can be installed in your backyard and serve as your own mini office inside your property.

But how would you know if an office pod is in good quality? This is where we look into the materials used. But what are the best materials that should be used in building one? Below is a list of some of the best materials in building home office pods.



The common attribute of insulated roof panels are that they are made of metal with steel skins and have an insulating foam core. They are known for their superior thermal properties, design flexibility and quick installation time – in addition to their great looks. They also provide weather-sealed and a strong thermal and moisture barrier.

What advantages does it provide? 1.) Insulated roofing is faster to install than traditional roofing, 2.) insulation and ceiling linings. Available in a range of thicknesses to increase thermal performance and spans between supports, and 3.) Suits commercial, residential and home improvement applications.



If you are a person who does not like seeing tangled wires or wants an organized looking office pod at home, this is the solution. They offer the extra benefit of concealing wires, cables and built-in wall components that are better left unseen. With a few custom cuts and careful fitting, they can hide nearly anything.

Custom office pods are the most popular type of home office pods in Australia. Nearly all custom made pods are with wall panels installed in them as they provide a wide range of benefits and they are also a great option for any room décor.



There are two broad groupings that we can separate decorative surface into – overlays and coatings. Both are applied by various techniques to panel products like particle board, medium density fibreboard and hardboard. When we say overlays they include products such as foils, high pressure laminates, papers and vinyls. When we talk about coatings they are used as industrial decorative surfaces on composite wood substrates are available in both liquid and powder forms.

Home office pods are your office in the comfort of your own yard but this does not mean that everything needs to be black and white or serious; sometimes you can find focus and productivity on colourful and fun set up. You are your own designer if you want to invest in one. Although there are prefab office pod available, you can invest in one of them and add or remove the things that you don’t like, either way it is still your own choice on what it looks like.

These are just a few of the main things of what good quality home office pods should have but this does not mean that it should be pricy. There are cheap home office pod for you if you are tight with your budget. It may sound as not a good investment but when you work with the right company, like HOPMOD, you are sure to get all your moneys-worth.


If you are looking for a company who builds the best home office pods, HOPMOD provides the best of the best. They provide excellent service but most of all top-quality products that will sure exceed your expectations.


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