In the modern world, it’s never been easier to work from home. Backyard pods are a perfect way to make your own little office space in your backyard and have everything you need close at hand.  In this article, let’s explore how homeowners are embracing backyard pods.  

What are Backyard Pods?

Backyard pods are also called backyard office pods. They are a great modular room for those looking to work from home. They’re also perfect for people looking to get in touch with nature while they work.

Backyard pods come with all of the amenities of an office such as electricity, WiFi internet access, and storage areas for equipment. Because backyard pods are inexpensive and proven beneficial, homeowners are now embracing having their own.

Benefits of backyard pods

There are plenty of benefits to having one installed on your property including reduced stress levels and increased productivity (especially if you’re working from home). Let’s explore why homeowners love them so much, and how they can benefit you too! 

Backyard pods and home office pods are a new trend in home design.

Backyard pods are a new type of design that has increased in popularity recently. They offer many benefits such as the opportunity to create more space for activities like relaxing, entertaining friends or work. They can increase your work performance, hence making them popular for homeowners, especially during the COVID lockdowns.

In fact, these pods have been featured on popular TV shows like HGTV’s House Hunters and the Today Show.

Backyard pods have many purposes.

There are many ways you can use your backyard pod. One of its more popular use is being a backyard office space.  Backyard pods make it easier to work outside of the home and are a great option for people with limited space. They can also be your guest bedroom.

They offer great privacy.

Backyard pods also provide privacy, making them perfect if you do not want your neighbours or passerby seeing what you are working on.

They can help you maximise productivity and focus.

Do you find it difficult to focus because of all the distractions at home? Are your pets barking or making too much noise? Are your kids running around the house? To maximise your productivity, it’s important to have your own personal space when working. That’s where backyard pods come in.

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How Homeowners Embrace their Backyard Pods

If you’re a homeowner looking to have your own backyard pods, then here are the steps to embrace and take full advantage of it. Remember that how you embrace your backyard pods are highly dependent on your use for them.

For example, if you’re using them as backyard modular offices, then the way to leverage these pods is by optimising them for productivity. If you’re using them for other purposes like entertaining guests or a storage room, then you can design them in a way to complement these purposes. Listed below are the general ways you can make the most out of your backyard pods.

1- Choose the right spot for your pod.

If you have a big backyard, it might be a challenge to decide where to put your backyard pods. Choose a spot that is well-lit but not too close to the house. This way, you can enjoy the space even more.

If your yard is small and has limited sunlight but it’s near a pool or other outdoor features, then consider installing them next to these areas so that visitors will also be able to use them.

2 – Include an area with plenty of seating.

Is your backyard pod for relaxing? Then add a seating area for reading and relaxing. Include a hammock or an outdoor sofa, and make the most out of your time in your backyard pod.

3- Add some greenery.

Add some greenery around the edges of your backyard space. When you spend time in your backyard pod, you can enjoy these sightings and feel more relaxed. Plant trees for shade and privacy. You can also plant succulents as they can thrive in dry conditions. You can also build a garden with raised beds for easy access.

4 – Optimise your backyard pod for productivity.

Are you using your backyard pod for getting work done? Then, it’s crucial to design it for productivity. Ways to do this is to include ergonomic designs in your furniture.

If you’ll be spending more time in front of the computer, try investing in standing tables and ergonomic chairs. You can also make sure the lighting in the room can help reduce eye strain when you’re working for long hours.

5 – Turn your pod into an environment of maximum focus.

You can also make your pod soundproof to keep noise and distractions at bay. Try to choose a good ambience for your pod that promotes focus and relaxation. Choose an interior colour that’s not too distracting. Remember that colour impacts your emotions.

Here are some of the colours that are known to promote concentration and productivity.

Blue – If you’re looking for better mental clarity, then blue is your colour. It can slow down your heart rate and promote a relaxing atmosphere. This results in a better state of mind to keep creative ideas flowing.

Orange – This colour is known to be stronger and brighter than blue, so it’s an ideal colour for energy. If you want to stay mentally active for long hours, then this colour is for you.

Green – Because it has a calming effect, green is most used in home office pods, study rooms and bedrooms. Feel more cheerful and refreshed as you work by colouring your pod blue.

Ready to embrace your own backyard pods?

If you’re ready to take advantage of backyard pods, granny pods or prefab pods, then we’re here to help. We’ll provide you with affordable and high-quality pods to suit your needs. Send us a message today.