If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or home-based worker, chances are that you work from home.

Working from home offers a lot of advantages such as being closer to your family members, no commute and so much more. However, they can offer many distractions as well.

In this article, we’ll explore home office pods and other upgrades you need if you work from home. 

What are home office pods?

Home office pods are a fun and creative way to work from home without clutter and distractions. Home office pods are such upgrade that can increase productivity, focus, concentration and efficiency while you work.

Here’s how:


1-Home office pods help separate work from other activities.

Having your own personal space is an upgrade you need if you work from home. When you work from home, it can be a challenge to separate work life from home and relaxation. This results in feelings of sluggishness and lack of motivation.

By having home office pods, you get a room that’s designed to program your mind to be productive. No cues of TV, no cues of bed and sleeping and no cues for other things outside work. It’s great if you find yourself easily distracted and tempted.


2- Home office pods can be customized to fit your needs.

Need more storage? Add more storage in your home office pod. Easily distracted by outdoor noises? Make your home office pod soundproof. Have temperature sensitivity? With your very own home office pods, you don’t need to adjust to other people. Customise it to fit your own comfort, needs and preferences. 


3 – Home office pods are easy and more affordable to install.

Getting a home extension or home addition can be a costly way to install a home office. Home office pods are more affordable compared to the cost of renovating your home. It’s incredibly easy to install, too. All you need is a day or two, and you get yourself a home office. There’s no mess, no hassle, and no stress.

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Other upgrades you need for working from home:

Home office pods are highly customisable, so whatever adjustments and upgrades you need for working from home, you can rest assured that home office pods can accommodate them. Here are some of the other upgrades you need to make your work sessions at home more productive.


1- Invest in a standing desk.

Do you find yourself working for long hours? If yes, then you’re probably aware of all the lower back pain and discomfort it causes. Installing a standing desk can help reduce your risk for shoulder and back pains. That means you can work for longer hours without worrying about any discomforts. 


2 – Add a bright plant to increase oxygen levels.

If you’re staying indoors for work, then it’s great to bring a plant inside. You can rest your eyes by looking at them, and they can add aesthetic to your home office pods as well. Aside from this, plants are known to improve air quality and reduce stress.


3- Get rid of clutter.

Clutter in your space means clutter in your mind as well. Donate old clothes, shoes, and books that you do not use. Maximise your space by keeping only the top 20% that’s useful and important.


4- Use an ergonomic chair.

This is great complementary furniture for your standing desk.  Sitting for long hours can be bad and uncomfortable, but with an ergonomic chair, it’s easy to make sure you are always at the right angle.


5- Invest in drawers and shelving units.

When you’re staying at home for long periods of time, it’s easy to get papers and other clutter to accumulate. Staying organized makes life a lot easier. Investing in good shelving units and drawers will allow you to store your home office supplies, papers, books, and everything else.

Make the most used items in the most reachable storage areas. That way, you can reduce the energy needed to access them.


6- Protective glasses from blue light.

Long hours in front of the computer or screen can affect your eyesight. It can cause eyestrain and other things that may impede your productivity. In fact, blue light is known to impede quality sleep. And quality sleep is important for recharging and being at your best daily. Invest in a pair of blue light protective glasses to keep your vision and sleep quality at their best.


7- Invest in good lighting.

The lighting in your home office can affect your eyesight and your mood.  It can also affect your productivity. Poor lighting creates shadows that are hard for the brain to process. They also increase eye strain. Invest in good lighting or natural light so you have a better home office experience!


8 – Invest in power banks and generator.

One of the most common challenges when working from home is unpredictable power outages. This can impede your schedule and can be detrimental when you have an output that is almost due.

Be prepared. Invest in power banks to charge your phone. Purchase a generator to charge your laptop and your wi-fi.


9 – Hang up artwork and other inspiration on the wall.

Adding some artwork and inspirational quotes to your home office space can make it feel more welcoming. They can also increase creativity and inspiration in an easy way! This will help you get into ‘working mode’ faster when coming home from work every day.

You can also add a picture of your pet, and a picture of your family members on the wall. That way, you can be reminded of your loved ones that keep you going.

Ready for your home office pods?

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