Do you have a home office? We hope so because it is the best way to save money and be productive. If you don’t yet have a home office, or if your current one isn’t very good, then this article may change your mind. The rise of backyard office pods in Australia has increased over the last few years and for those who are looking for tips on how to build their own pod or what type they should get; we will give you all of the information that you need!

What are backyard office pods?

The term backyard office pod refers to a type of portable, prefabricated modular building.

A typical backyard office can be constructed in as little as one day and customized for any specific needs.  It is also known by many other names: escape pods, home offices on wheels, small house movement homes and shipping containers (although these are usually used for warehouses or storage).

They’re popping up all over the United States with more than two million “pods” created last year alone! Australian cities are not far behind – there were at least 5000 backyard offices built between 2014-2015 within Melbourne’s metropolitan area alone.

Who are backyard office pods perfect for?

Backyard office pods are perfect for those who want to avoid distractions from co-workers or clients. They’re also perfect for those who work best in a quiet and peaceful space. These are the people who may benefit well from backyard office pods.

People who work at home

There are many distractions at home. There are children, pets, dishes to be done and a thousand other things. Having an office pod in your backyard can make it easier to focus on work without having all these distractions around you at home.

Parents of young children

Parents of young children, especially those with toddlers can be very grateful for the peace and quiet that a backyard office pod provides. When you work from home it is important to focus on your work without having all these distractions around you at the same time. Soundproofing of your backyard office pods can provide this peace and quiet.

College Students and Home Schooling Individuals

College students and those who home school often have a lot of work to do. The peace and quiet that backyard office pods provide can be very helpful in getting this work done. Backyard office pods can also physically remove temptations of video games, television, and napping in the bedroom.

Seniors with limited mobility

Seniors with limited mobility might find it difficult to get around their house or yard. A backyard office pod can provide a place where they don’t have to go up and downstairs as often, which is very helpful for seniors who are in the latter stages of life.

People who hate the commute

People who hate the commute might find backyard office pods to be a perfect solution. With less time spent commuting, people can spend more time on their work and have enough energy for going out with friends at night.

Those who love nature

Those who love nature might be drawn to backyard office pods because they are a way to enjoy the great outdoors while still working.

People who are more productive working alone

If you find yourself easily distracted by colleagues or a noisy work environment, backyard office pods might be the answer. This way you can still spend time with your family and have more privacy to get things done. 

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Benefits of Getting Backyard Office Pods

If you fit the people group of people mentioned above, then you’re more likely to benefit from backyard office pods. If you’re still not convinced, here are the other benefits it can offer you. 

Having a space of your own

The backyard office is a dream for many people. The idea of having your own space can be very appealing, and it’s also a great way to get outside every day so you don’t feel cooped up in an office all the time. 


There’s an increased level of privacy from prying colleagues or nosy neighbours, which allows employees more freedom while working (e.g., at home).

No one will be able to hear personal phone conversations because soundproof pods offer complete peace and serenity during work time. You’ll also avoid distractions such as children playing outside or loud music coming from next door neighbour’s house when they’re not around.

Relatively inexpensive

Home renovations and home extensions can be costly. Home offices can take up a lot of space and are often the most expensive room in your house to renovate or extend. Backyard pods are more affordable because they usually don’t need any building permits or planning approval. 

Customizable to fit your needs

Instead of settling with standard work offices and shared offices, why not design one best suited for yourself? Organize it in a way that productivity and focus become easy. You can also add ergonomic furniture and keep your office space neat and tidy.

Experience maximum comfort while working because of customized temperature and air quality settings. Home office pods offer a high level of customization without requiring any construction experience whatsoever.

Backyard office pods can be portable.

You can move your pod around the yard if you want to so that the sun is shining on it in winter and not shining on it at all during summer.


Get the best home office pod today!

When you work from home or live in the suburbs, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of having a private space away from everyone else.

That’s because modular pods like backyard office pods offer many benefits. They have cost-effectivity, privacy and productivity all housed together with portability built right into it!

If this sounds perfect for you, then don’t hesitate. Send us a message today to get your own custom office pods or modular office pods today.