Ever feel like the workspace you have to settle within your job is not quite right? Do you need more personal and flexible options, maybe just for your own comfort? Well, congratulations on being a smart worker! Being unable to accommodate all of your personal preferences can be one tough part of working life.

Then, it is a sign that it’s time for an upgrade! Modular office pods might be just what you need. In this blog post, we will talk about the things to consider before getting modular office pods.

First, we’ll define what they are and provide some details on how they work. Then, I’ll list and discuss the benefits of getting them: benefits that make you happier and more productive than ever before!

Next up: we’ll brief you on the common challenges people face when they get modular office pods; these are obstacles that can be overcome with enough research or planning ahead.

Last but not least:  you’ll read on the things you will need to know or decide on before getting modular office pods. Let’s get into it!


Modular Office Pods: What are they?


Modular office pods, or “modpods,” provide a variety of benefits for both employees and employers alike. No wonder they are the perfect option when designing your new space. Depending on the features and size of the office, these modular office pods can be made in as little as 1 to 2 hours.


precast concrete modular office pod


The Benefits of Getting Modular Office Pods


  • Boost your company’s productivity: Love what you do and be more productive than ever before with a modpod that is custom made to suit your needs. Whether it’s for yourself or employees, these pods are designed to help maximize efficiency in today’s fast-paced world. 
  • Reduce overhead costs: With an office pod system, there is no need for space planning because everything fits easily on one level without hallways or elevators necessary! This cuts down on costly construction time and resources while providing significant savings when looking at all the benefits this offers long term. And unlike traditional offices where staff members have to travel up flights of stairs every day just to get from their desk to the bathroom or kitchen,  you can have your pods centrally located and easily accessible.
  • Save time by eliminating unnecessary errands: Do you find yourself running to a coffee shop daily for your morning fix? How about stopping at the deli next door for lunch? With these simple conveniences in place within a pod office system, employees can work without having to leave their desk during the day! This also eliminates wasted hours spent on commuting from point A to B.
  • Get more out of every minute with less effort: When it comes down to it, this is one of those cases where “less” truly means “more!” We don’t want people spending too much time focusing on how they get around; we just want them focused.


Now that you know the benefits of getting modular office pods for you and your business, it’s time to discuss what you need to consider before getting one! Let’s go.


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Things to Consider Before Getting Modular Office Pods


What is your budget?

It’s important to have a clear understanding of how much you can spend on modular office pods.

At first, you might be tempted to get the cheapest ones possible. This is a bad idea because it means compromising on the quality of materials and construction which will lead to more expensive repairs in the near future. What you need instead is to have a budget in mind and then find the best quality modular office pods for that price.


How much space do you need? 

The second thing you’ll need to consider is how much space you need. You see, space is not a one-size-fits-all thing. You might need more or less space than your colleague, and that’s why it pays to think about this before you buy modular office pods.

This is because the size of each module will depend on how much space you’re getting, which means if you buy too many modules for your available space, it could lead to wasted space. If you buy too few modules, then that means the appropriate space won’t be utilized or that some of your employees won’t have a module of their own. 


Are you looking for a long-term solution or short term one? 

This is the third thing you need to consider when thinking about getting modular office pods. Are you looking for a long-term solution? Then it will be worth investing in more durable modules and therefore spending more money on them as well.

However, if your company is going through short term growth or has an uncertain future ahead of them, then it’s important to buy shorter-term, cheaper modules.


How many people will be using the pods at any given time?

This is the fourth consideration you need to make before getting modular office pods. Will there be around four people using them at any given time or more than 12? It’s important because some of the different modules have slightly different sizes and can’t accommodate groups that exceed a certain number of people. 

So that’s it for modular pods and the things you need to consider!


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