Are you looking for backyard pods that are first-rate in quality? Are you drawn to backyard studios that have aesthetic features and are cost-effective? Or maybe you’re simply thinking of building backyard office pods that can serve as great extensions for that available space on your home?

If that’s you, then buckle up and hang in there! Because we’re going to show you what backyard pods are and how you can utilise them to your advantage with their Top 7 Perfect and Creative Uses you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on!

According to a study conducted by Tektum, a prefab producer, the Australian construction market in the prefab industry is noticeably increasing. Prefab office pods are even expected to rise by 2023.

With the advancement of infrastructures and modular office pods around the globe, particularly in Australia, people are now searching for reliable companies that can turn their space into a studio worth vying for!


Backyard pods

So what are backyard pods? A backyard pod is a compact building that serves as an awesome alternative for your workplace. It can also be an exclusive area for your leisure activities. 

Similar to an office pod at home, it offers a private, professional, and distraction-free environment. Home office pods are modern, aesthetic, simple, and affordable. They’re a perfect addition to your humble abode.

The backyard studios from HopMod are fully insulated so they can sustain themselves despite freakish weather — ensuring productivity in your work performance.




Home Office Pods

With the unstoppable demand for work from home job opportunities, people have started creating their personal workplaces. I mean, who wouldn’t? They provide better privacy, improve well-being, decrease stress levels, heighten concentration, and are sound-proofed.

Entrepreneurs and employees alike build a home office pod to maximize their full potential to get their jobs done while being completely focused and productive at the same time.

This is the primary reason why backyard pods are commonly converted into home offices. It’s an ingenious purpose that famous businessmen would certainly vouch for!

Home Office Pods Australia at HOPMod can create your dream design and furnish them into that spectacular sight at a lower cost.


Garden Studio

Garden office pods are tailored to fit you if you are someone who enjoys getting a glimpse of nature while being entirely focused on your responsibilities whether it’s your business meetings, collaborations, projects, or academic duties.

It’s a distraction-free space that’s slightly detached from your home, giving you a greener workplace where you can be professional and creative at the same time while looking out for your kids (if ever you have one).

What’s great with this airy and light garden studio is that it’s incredibly versatile. For instance, you can transform this backyard pod into a woodworking building that’s clutter-free, instead of having to do woodworking sessions in your garage. You can even have it customised into a poolside studio. The possibilities are just endless!


backyard pods

Backyard Studio

Having a prefabricated studio that’s out of your home is another example of a backyard pod. This doesn’t only limit to a work area but you can also modify it however you like by creating your own DIY backyard studio which encompasses a bed, comfort room, dining table, etc.

In short, it’s similar to a tiny house! It’s a phenomenal prefabricated backyard shed made possible through our company’s modular construction. It’s ideal for someone who fancies having their own man cave/man space or a typical “retreat”, to spend some alone time with themselves.


Granny Flat

Granny flat studios are suitable for households who want to provide a special area for their beloved aged grandparents/parents. They are buildings that can serve as an extension to your backyard pods.

Depending on its size, you can establish and incorporate a place that is ergonomically safe for aging individuals. This modified guesthouse allows close proximity to them.

A granny flat studio is designed with safety and accessibility in mind, giving high-tech medical assistance installed.

This amazing cabin will undoubtedly bestow a haven for a harmonious relationship between you and your aging loved ones, catering enough privacy for your family.


Artist Studio

If you’re an artist who wants to generate creative juices and add more inspiration to your works, having an art studio as a backyard pod is an immaculate idea!

With a tranquil and peaceful environment, you can practice guitar to your heart’s content. It will also save you from people eavesdropping on your practices (if you’re someone who wants to keep your artistic efforts low key).

If you’re a painter, writer, or dancer, then you would want to have your personal space when executing optimal work performances, right? To avoid inconvenience with your family members, get yourself a backyard/garden pod that will become your exclusive area for arts.

It won’t only be distraction-free but it will also provide you leeway to think more creatively.   


backyard pods


Yoga Studio

If you don’t want to find yourself perplexed in an uncomfortable place when you’re having your yoga exercises, consider getting a yoga studio as a backyard pod in your garden.

It helps you relax and calms your soul, refreshing both your mind and body when meditating and getting close to nature.

A greener environment will always pave a path towards a healthier lifestyle, which means that calming environments proffer a positive influence on our decisions and outlooks in life.

It thereby contributes to the physical and psychological well-being of every individual.


Pods for WFH Dressmakers

Not all people are new to this Work From Home setup. Some people are already used to working from home in line with their jobs. A great example of this is dressmakers.

Backyard pods for their sewing workshop is a famous installation. Separating the building from the main house but ensuring it’s still slightly connected makes it an exceptional home extension!

By assuring that it’s conveniently positioned in a strategic place for easier and effective work transactions while receiving orders from customers, the workshop pod becomes an efficient and noteworthy project.

Words to Ponder…

Having learned what backyard pods are and the various purposes they can provide for people — I’m sure, it has amped up your desire to own one!

At the end of the day, you have to remember that utilising these uses will depend on the kind of pod you want to have.

Even so, handling something large-scale might be taxing and it could run in haywire if done haphazardly without any experience, so you can leave it to the experts!

We, at HOPMod, will assure you smooth-sailing and highly effective cheap home office pods that are excellently compact, stylish, and perfect for year-round use which offers privacy and professional efficiency that guarantees you an optimum work-life balance you’ll absolutely love.

So, what are you waiting for? Send us your designs now and let’s make that backyard pod come to life!