WFH is the New Normal

WFH has been a widely used term nowadays. It means, “Work From Home.”

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 76% of office workers prefer working from home. This isn’t surprising at all because, with the impending doom of the COVID-19 Virus, people have no choice but to deprive themselves of working onsite at a close distance.

This why you need home office pods in Australia— they are perfect for your work-from-home setup. Home office pods Australia at HOPMod offer excellent services and expertise in building your desired workplace, helping you to optimize your work performance at such a fast rate.

While it can be a fun feeling to be able to work anywhere you want, may it be on your bed, dining table, living room, etc. you will sooner or later need a home office pod where you can permanently focus on your business and goals.


Home Office Pods Australia

What are home office pods? Home office pods are the areas in your home where you can work more efficiently and effectively. They are not only meant for professional duties but also academic responsibilities.

Imagine how amazing it will be to work at a comfortable office in your home while being with your family and embodying productivity at its finest!

Home Office Pods Australia is now available at HOPMod.  They have first-rate skills that can turn a corner of your home into a classy and ergonomically healthy workplace, at a lower cost.

With Modular Construction Sydney, you’ll be able to witness your dream home office design coming to life at an affordable price.

By transforming a prefab office pod into a cozy and stylish backyard office pod— these home offices or outside pods will surely be a wise investment for your work.


home office pods


So, when deciding on how you’re going to choose a durable yet aesthetic home office pod for your Work from Home set-up during this pandemic, you will need to take note of the following conditions:


Materials for your office pod should have longevity, durability, sustainability, and aesthetics among others so sturdy materials should be used.

At HOPMod, we provide 100% Australian-Sourced materials. We partner with the best suppliers from the brands of Laminex and Borg Manufacturing to Polytec and COLOURpyne.

To ensure high quality of services and equipment, we give you the option to choose between Trimdek or Corrugated roofing material, offer you a Colorbond cladding with matching Solarspan insulated roof panels, and many more.


Size matters when utilising the space available for your pod. Work on your home office pod by prioritising a comfy and productive atmosphere. Think about the size of your furniture and how you plan to furnish the space.

HOPMod makes use of a Modular Construction meaning you don’t have to fear about the size being too small or big because HopMod can adapt according to how you want the measurements to be.


Looks are what make office pods ingenious. Whatever design that the customer wants, HOPMod can make it happen. Down from the patterns of your windows to the knobs on your cabinetry, even the smallest details are carefully crafted to perfection for your eco-friendly office homes.

HOPMod can even make your office pod a multi-purpose room while considering the aesthetic features. Our versatility can transform your workplace into a yoga room and a personal studio regardless of how you may like it.



If you need more convincing on why home office pods are a great investment for your work, here are some key factors you can keep in mind:


What’s great about home offices is that you can work productively even while staying in the comforts of your home. You won’t have to feel as if you’re working all the time in your house. Experience a motivated working environment without spending a penny on transportation fees.

This is advantageous for people living in a large household. Chances are, you won’t have to worry about getting disturbed nonchalantly anymore because they will know you are in the working zone.


Some people are very cautious when it comes to others touching their prized variables. Having your personal space will ensure your room remains a sanctuary for your well-being. If you’re someone whose work demands creativity, personal space will surely be a haven for your imagination to foster.


Eco-friendly designs and structures for your home office pods will always be mainstream today. If you find a company that can help you utilise sustainable elements to build that personal space, lucky for you!

To have a project that’s as green as possible will not only make working performance better but you’re also contributing to a greener environment.


Above everything else, you will have a better work-life balance. It saves you from the stress when commuting and working from home which will offer a wide range of geographical independence and opportunities.

Knowing that you are literally near your family creates a positive impact on your environment, increases productivity and performance, and induces a happier and healthier work life.


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Getting Started with HOPMOD

We’ve come a long way from ancestral buildings and caves to highly advanced infrastructures. It is no joke that an online-based era has truly paved a path towards life-improvement among the people.

With this, home office pods are now a surging demand during this pandemic because of the convenience they bring. More than a million people globally have begun working from home.

Finding the right service is crucial to ensure your home office pod is built at the highest form of excellence.

We at HOPMod can provide you trustworthy and top-grade services you surely won’t regret so if you’re ready to make that office design come to life, you can contact us.

We’d be happy to assist you through our certified fast and easy transactions, comfortable and private space working conditions, and 100% Australian-made materials that are custom-made just for you.