What is Modular Construction Australia? 

Modular construction Australia-wide is a process meant to have the construction as little as possible on site. That means construction, inspection and erection work are completed in the workshop or off-site so that everything is ready and prepared on-site. 

For example, home office pods are built off-site. Then, they are placed in a controlled environment and are transported to the site. They are installed to their services and foundations. Even if they’re built offsite, they must be built in the same standards and codes as those who are conventionally built facilities but in about half the time it takes.


The Brief History of Modular Construction Australia 

There’s been innumerable advancements and changes in the construction industry for the last 100 years. Labourers used to carry heavy loads of materials. But now, all sorts of machine and process advancements have been made that changed the way we construct buildings. One of the great advancements we’ve seen is modular construction.

While the use of prefabricated structures dates back over a hundred years, the evolution of modular structures has only taken place in the early 20th century. 

Sears Roebuck and Company began to sell home kits in 1908. These home kits contained all the materials need to build a home together with Sears catalogues with 44 styles of modular homes, 30 000 different modular pieces, and a 70-page booklet that contained instructions. These were sold at the price of $700 to $4000. Between 1908 and 1940, they sold over 50 000 pre-fabricated homes.

By the end of world ward, soldiers came back to America looking to buy a home. So the demand for houses was a lot more than what was available. So people started opting for modular construction, and the demands for these modular homes increased tremendously.

Today, modular structures have become more efficient because of better technology. They’ve also increased in size, but they meet all local building codes. Modular structures today are constructed and permanent foundation. Often, they cannot be distinguished from the traditionally built buildings. 


Advantages of Modular Construction Australia  

If you’re looking for a  smarter, faster and more environmentally friendly way to build your homes, use modular construction

  1. They decrease the risk of accidents  –   Because the construction of materials is done indoor, there are lesser risks of accidents for workers. 
  2. There’s no limit to design opportunities  –  The modular structures are made to fit with the aesthetics of any existing building. Thus, there’s no limit to the designs you can make. 
  3. It’s faster  – Constructing modular units and buildings can occur simultaneously while you work on the site and foundation work. That means projects can be completed 30% – 50 % faster than when you perform a traditional construction. 
  4. You won’t need to adjust to the weather  – One of the causes of delays in traditional construction is you’ll need to adjust to the weather. But the weather is often unpredictable. With modular constructions, 60%-90% of the construction is done within a factory. That means, constructions are finished faster, building are occupied sooner, and you get a faster return on your investment. 
  5. Material waste is lessened –  In a factory, you can recycle materials, control inventory and protect building materials. That means there’s less material waste. 
  6. Air quality is improved – Modular structures are created using dry materials within a factory-controlled setting. That means high levels of moisture won’t get trapped in the new construction. 


modular construction Australia

Home office pods

Australia is a place where home office pods have become a trend. When you’re working at home, it’s easy to get distracted. Kids are playing outside laughing and shouting, your spouse might be taking work calls and the dogs are barking at the delivery man. 

You need a sanctuary, a safe place where you can focus on your work within your home. And that’s where modular construction Australia comes in. This office pod fits the conditions of the environment while giving you space where you can strive and prosper. 

It provides an office space that’s nearly 7′ x 7′. Put this property within your home as a prefab office pod, or in your backyard as a backyard office pod, and you’ve got a stylish full-service modern office minus all the household distractions. 


Why Are Backyard Office Pods Trending? 

No more commute 

If you hate commuting to a faraway office, then backyard office pods are for you. There’s no commute with a backyard office pod. All you need to do is work several steps to your backdoor or backyard, and bam you’re in the office. On average, taking a commute could take 20 minutes or more. You could have delays, traffics and probable illnesses transmitted airborne when you sit too close with strangers in this pandemic. You’re also exposing yourself to pollution and vehicle exhaust fumes. With backyard office pods, you save time and you’re free of stress.

You get exactly what you need

Do you want your office to be soundproof? Perhaps you want it to be at a certain temperature. Or you have a specific material in mind to use for your office. Do you like ergonomic designs for your desk and chair?  With a personal backyard office pod, you don’t need to adjust to anyone. You get exactly what you need to enjoy a stress-free, focused and productive time at work. Also, most people who get backyard office pods are often nature lovers. If you like to look at the greeneries while you work, then a backyard office pod is for you. 

A space for focus and productivity 

The household and public offices can offer many distractions. The noisy and crowded spaces can make concentrating difficult to do. That’s why having a dedicated space for focus and productivity can make wonders to your performance. And because your workspace is separated from your home, it’s easier to separate work-life with home-life.  

If you’re ready to enjoy a focused space to strive and work, then order your office pod today. 

Get the best office pods that’ll suit your needs. If you want to know more about Modular Construction Australia, send us a message today.