Home Office Pods Australia has been growing in popularity since more and more companies are adapting to a new working system where employees are encouraged to work from home.

In a recent survey by the McCrindle Research of over 580 people, Australians are willing to embrace the freedom to switch work locations from office to home. In fact, 80% of participants claimed that they would probably stay longer in a company that gives them the flexibility of working from home. Furthermore, Australians are willing to receive a percentage lesser salary in exchange for working flexibly at home.

The study also revealed that working from home made Australians more productive across all generations with the oldest generation being the most productive.

Working from home is great but not without challenges. Few of the majors are distractions, not having a clear distinction between when work ends and home begins and a not so conducive working environment.

To solve these issues that telecommuters face daily, an ingenious solution comes into play – the Home Office Pods. These are especially designed to give the solitary worker a private area to concentrate on work, away from distractions and noises.

We all deserve to have a comfortable garden office or backyard office pod when we work from home.

Home Office Pods Australia has been growing in popularity since more and more companies are adapting to a new working system where employees are encouraged to work from home.


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Affordable Home Office Pods Australia

Home office pods need not be luxurious. They can be as simple and minimalist as possible depending on their usage. Detailing what your pod’s main functions and purposes would be one key reason for your pods’ price. Cheap backyard pods are available on-demand as long as you know exactly what you need.

Two important key functions or benefits to think when you build a home office pod is privacy and silence that improve concentration and productivity at work.

Privacy is one of the essential things we need to consider for any working environment. Workers need to have a place where they will be comfortable enough to do their task free from distraction. Especially in work settings or companies who have just recently adapted the work from home or remote working, everything could easily get mixed up. In today’s generation where people’s private information is as equally or even more important than their bank accounts, protecting their information is vital. Having a private and secure place to work on this information can mean trust and reliance on the side of their clients and business partners.

In a survey, 41% of workers say they do not have access to private spaces. This creates a demand for a more affordable and cheap home office pods that people can easily acquire.

As online meetings are becoming more common and popular so is the demand for a quiet place to get these meetings done. A quiet office pod at home where one can hold meetings without any distraction and where people from the outside could not hear what is being discussed on meetings is vital. It could be a big challenge for a parent who has small kids to be using just the extra room for work to keep voices from the outside to a minimum.

Enclosed and soundproof working space can provide a confidential place for meetings as well as improved concentration and productivity. Thanks to the availability of home office pods in Australia, Australians need not to worry anymore. Backyard pods in Sydney is also increasing in demand and availability.

Steelcase research shows that people get distracted every 11 minutes and 25 percent of valuable time is lost because of noise distractions in or outside of work areas. Having access to a home office pods backyard can eliminate visual and audio disruptions that could disrupt concentration and improve productivity.

Cost for an office fit-out at home or refurbishment can be awfully expensive not to mention labor-intensive. But having a prefab office pod will give one the working environment that it needs at a minimal cost. It can also be very flexible depending on the materials to be used as well as the contractor.